Plumbing Fixtures


    We have a excelent business relationship with all of the major plumbing wholesalers. We receive premium pricing because of this association, which equates to the most competitive prices to you.

    We are also pleased to offer every manufacture's plumbing products and fixture lines. This includes the most sought after “green” manufactures such as Blu and Hansgrohe.

    We offer, to our customers, the opportunity to take a look at these fixture lines at three of our main supplier's showrooms. Just throw our name out to one of the sales associates and they will take great care of you.

Kitchen and Bath Classics

6051 – Centre Street SW

(403) 250 7470

The En'Suite

224 – 61 Avenue SE

(403) 214 1503

Robinson Lighting and Bath Centre

4120 - Blackfoot Trail SE

(403) 245 8637