Water Heaters

     We install only Bradford White automatic storage type water heaters. Bradford White's units are by far the best quality of their type on the market today. Exacting standards and innovation towards safety set them apart from the competition. We offer the most competitive flat rates for standard water heater change outs:

40 US Gallon unit with new service valve = $799.00
50 US Gallon unit with new service valve = $995.00
And remember that our prices include the gas permit as well as removal and disposal fees.
     Looking for the ultimate in comfort, efficiency and performance? We carry Navien tankless type water heaters. Navien boasts the highest efficiency in the tankless water heater market, sitting at an incredible 98%! Imagine never running out of hot water and doing it at the most affordable rates on the market. You can fill your giant soaker tub while washing a load of clothes and dishes all at the same time. Yet another advantage of these units is their size and orientation. At just over a couple feet high and wall mounted they can free up an unbelievable amount of room compared to their storage tank counterparts.
Call us today to get an estimate for ultimate comfort and convenience.